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"In His Light" Bible Studies

The "In His Light" Bible Studies are an engaging, insightful, and practical series of Bible studies to assist you with your study of God’s Word. Simply designed and intelligently written they offer interesting and easy learning.

The initial lessons are foundational and essential for building and maintaining a personal relationship with Christ; with an average read time of fifteen minutes. And the more advanced studies focus on difficult, prophetic, and misunderstood Scripture, having an average read time of twenty to twenty-five minutes as the studies progress.

We know you will enjoy these Bible studies, and that they will greatly benefit you as you study God’s Word. Contact us to get started with the In His Light Bible series. The Bible studies are free of charge.

Come learn the Bible with us.


Answering Your Bible Questions

Looking for answers? We can help. No question is unimportant; every inquiry matters, and is important when it concerns the Word of God.

In addition to answering your Bible questions we provide help for practical application of Biblical principles and teaching; and assistance for understanding and accepting God’s will.

We look forward to answering your questions.


Help in Giving Your Life to Christ

We encourage you to commit your life to Jesus Christ, He loves you deeply, so much so He opened wide His arms of love and died for your sins. He wants to share His life with you, and He wants you to share your life with Him, now and forever.

Visit our How to Become a Christian page. Reach out for help in surrendering your life to Jesus. Give Him your heart today, don’t wait, it may be too late. Furthermore, you will be missing the joy and goodness that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. Don’t delay; surrender your life to Jesus today. Contact us, we are happy to help.

Give your life to Jesus today. Don't wait.


Inspired Messages

We post Biblically sound messages for an enlightened faith journey. Our posts provide wisdom and understanding, as well as meaningful and practical insights for living a productive and wholesome life in Jesus. We encourage you to read and listen to our Messages of Faith.

If you are interested in a particular topic for a message post, let us know. We welcome your requests, and are happy to post on most subjects.

Read and listen to Messages of Faith


How May We Pray for You

If you have a prayer need and would like someone to pray for you, contact us; we will lift you up to the throne of grace and pray for you.

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry.

We look forward to serving you. servicesGod bless you,