A Place of Safety

Safety. Nestled in the mountians of God's love.

A Place of Safety
by PJ Salas

You are my hiding place, my protector and defender; and in Your Word I hope.  Psalms 119:114.

There is a place of safety from the troublesome and the troublers, from the cruel and ugly haters. It is a place of security from the brutal, abusive, and controlling, a safe place from the judgmental, and from the liars, a safe harbor from the vicious gossips, and from the incessant harassers.

Lo, there is a place of safety from tragedy and dismay, a shelter from trouble and calamity, from disconnect and dread, a refuge from rejection and abandonment, from broken-heartedness, from lament and sorrow, from pain and suffering, and from emptiness.

There is a place of retreat from wrong thinking, from wrong feelings, and from wrong doing; a safe place from sin.

Safe Haven

In this place of safety, there is joyfulness and rejoicing; it is the abode of hope and understanding, of help and strength. Within this safe dwelling is encouragement, inspiration, and enrichment, a place where one is uplifted.

In this sanctuary is correction, improvement, and wholesomeness; it is the residence of truth and wisdom.

Lo, in this safe haven is conviction and courage, courage to go on, to rise up, to face another trial, to embrace yet another challenge. Within this house of peace, there is resilience to cope in disappointment and heartache, to manage calamity, to tread the streets of discomfort and disquiet, and to endure the anguish and dismay.

In this safe habitation is resolute daring, valor, and audacity to live in spite of apprehension, disconcertedness, and alarm, to hold on despite bewilderment and consternation, to survive terror and trepidation, and to carry on despite dread, discouragement, and anxiety.

The Safe Place

Through all the pain and hell, it is this safe place that carries and lifts, that comforts and consoles, that rejoices the heart and says, I promise you something better. And in all the suffering, this safe place blesses beyond human expectation and explanation, beyond finite understanding, and brings a lasting good that forever endures.

This place of safety is the presence of God; it is His Word. God is not separate from His Word, for He is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). In His presence, basking in the light and warmth of His love, in His Word, we are enlightened and instructed, comforted and encouraged, relieved and uplifted.

River of God's Pleasures

This safe place of rejoicing, which makes the heart glad, is the balm of Gilead, it is the presence of God, where true delight forever flows from the river of His pleasures, of His joy and blessings.

"You will show me the path of life, in Your presence is fullness of joy, and at Your right hand are pleasures for evermore."  Psalms 16:11.

"How precious is Your loving kindness, oh God! Therefore, the children of men seek refuge in the shadow of Your covering. They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your presence; and You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures. For with You is the fountain of life, and in Your light we see light."  Psalms 36:7-9.

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed are they who trust in Him."  Psalms 34:8.