God’s Creation


God's Creation Our Planet
by PJ Salas creation

“The earth is polluted under its inhabitants; because they have turned away from the law, changed the commandment, and violated the everlasting covenant.”  Isaiah 24:5.

God’s creation is full of beauty and grandeur. It is magnificent! Our Creator has given us a beautiful planet to inhabit. Unfortunately, our rebellion has severely marred our world. In turning against God, and His law, we have turned on ourselves, and turned against our environment, God's creation.

Without God

The earth and its creatures are suffering at the hand of sinful human beings (Romans 8:22). Sin is disruptive, it is destructive; and it distorts our behavior and our thinking. Our careless and thoughtless ways are destroying our planet. Our environment is vanishing into wasteland, literally, because of our sinful ways.creationWithout God in our lives, our bent is to harmful behavior. Sin has damaged us, disfigured our character, and darkened our world. We trash our lives and we trash our earth. Our selfish, self-centered ways are polluting our land and waters. We are destroying ourselves; we are suffering at our own hand, because of our recklessness.

Dependent on Nature

We cannot exist without nature; we are dependent upon our earth and its ecosystems. Our eyes and our hearts need to be opened, to care, before the damage is beyond repair. When we neglect God, we neglect our character; we hurt ourselves, harm others, and degrade our environment. How we think and feel shows up in our behavior, it reflects in our attitude, in the way we treat others, and in our lack of respect for nature, God’s creation.

We Need Help

We need help, and we need it now; help to change our behavior toward ourselves, toward others, and toward the environment. We need Jesus, the One who left His kingly place in His universe that He created, to redeem us from ourselves, from our sin problem, which is destroying us, and our planet.

Jesus Our Help

In a world full of darkness, where hate and wickedness flourish, where pollution of heart, mind, and Gods creation are the way of life, we need a concrete solution to turn it all around and restore the good God wants for us, and for our planet.

Jesus is the help and restoration we need. God did not give us planet earth to damage and destroy it, He gave it to us to enjoy and love, to use it aright, and to take care of it. ʺAnd the Lord God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend to it, and to care for it.ʺ  Genesis 2:15.creationʺ…Your wrath comes, and the time of the judging of the dead, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets, and to the saints (followers of Jesus), to those who fear Your name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.ʺ   Revelation 11:18.

Jesus calls to you, take My hand, come out of the darkness, and walk with Me in the light of My love. Leave sin behind and choose My ways.

Listen to God, take His hand, and walk with Him in the light of His love. Let Him lead you in wholesomeness, that we pollute not our hearts, nor our environment anymore.