Jesus our Savior carrying the cross.

Beloved Savior

The world in which we live is very disturbed; it is damaged and deranged. We are a planet in crisis. Because of sin, our natures are corrupted, and we are in rebellion against God. Sin has wreaked havoc and destruction on us, and on our planet.

In the beginning God created a perfect world for us (Genesis 1:1-31); but we chose to rebel against our Creator and do things our own way, apart from Him (Genesis 3:1-7). Moreover, we are still rebelling against the Creator and doing things our way, and we can see the natural result of our choosing.

Consider our world, even our lives; there is so much sickness and suffering, pain and heartache, and so much distress and trouble. Our world is a mess! Our way does not work; it never did, and it never will.

What is the Answer

There is one answer and one answer only for the disturbing perplexities of our world. The solution is reconciliation with our Creator, who has provided the way for our help and salvation, that we may be changed. The answer is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain for our sin and rebellion. He is the remedy we so desperately need.

Christ is the hope for our world in crisis; He is the answer to our every problem, the sufficiency for our every need and longing. Deep within, we desire Jesus. We spend our lives searching for this and that, hoping to be filled up and satisfied; but the truth is only Jesus truly satisfies! He is enduring contentment and lasting love.

Jesus Our Only Hope

Jesus is the hope for our world in crisis; He is the hope for every human being.

When Jesus comes into our life, He changes us. He creates in us a new heart and gives us new life in Him. Our desires change, and we begin to thirst for right things. The Lord Jesus changes the way we think, how we feel, how we look at people, and at the world around us. He changes how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and our environment.

Jesus is the answer you seek. He is the remedy for our world in crisis, and for your world in crisis. He is the answer to all our problems, to our wants, our needs, and to all our longings. Christ is our salvation. He walks with us in our crisis, through our pain and trouble; He is with us in our joys and happiness. Jesus is the One who gives happiness and joy; He gives opportunity for good, and for improving and bettering our lives.

Jesus Is Calling

Jesus is calling you, He is calling to you even now, “My child, give Me your heart, and let your eyes observe My ways.” Proverbs 23:26.

In a world full of uncertainty, terror, and hate, there is a place of security, a place of refuge, a place of hope and peace. Jesus is that place of safety. Come out of darkness; come into the warmth of God’s love and light.

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