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by PJ Salas

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His loving kindness and mercy forever endures."  Psalms 107:1.

Yes, give thanks to God, for truly He is good, He is loving and kind, continuously showing mercy. Praise His name! Thanks be to our Creator, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, now and forever.

Way of Life

Gratitude is a way of life; it is grace-filled living. Thankfulness uplifts the spirit, transforms disposition for the better, relieves tension, and alleviates stress. Being grateful is also an antidote for depression, and enhances overall health.

In a harsh world, thankfulness is essential in resisting discontent, bitterness, despair, and unhappiness. It is not an option, but rather a necessity for living in peace and contentment. An attitude of gratitude is key for the overcomer's life, essential for victory.

God Centered

Sometimes when reading the Bible, we can view it as arbitrary, and God-centered in a negative way. While it is God-centered it is not in the human sense of self-centeredness, and it is not arbitrary. Everything God commands is not just for His exaltation; but it is for our benefit, in our best interest; and gratefulness is not exempt.

Based on thirty plus years of reading and deep study of the Scriptures, I find everything referencing the exaltation of God is not just about the Lord, but rather about our selfish and sinful nature.

When we turn toward God and exalt Him in our hearts, we are relieved of the sinful, the profane and shameful, and lifted to His generous good will. Right thinking and proper perspective infuses our minds.

As we contemplate the Almighty and His righteousness, gratitude fills us. Freed from enslaving sinfulness, we turn from being self-centered to the goodness of God, who always desires to share His goodness with us. The Lord is selfless, He is unselfish; and exalting Him is more about us than it is about Him.

Everything the Lord does is unselfish. God, the Sovereign Lord, cares so deeply for His creation, more than any parent loves their child, that He gave Himself for our salvation. He is ever looking out for us, and seeks to lead us to the place of safety and well-being, free from sin and shame.

The Creator is our center; and thankfulness keeps us centered in Him. When we wander from the Lord we are prone to the perverse, and we self-destruct. This is how sin entered our world. Instead of being thankful to the point of contentment, the first couple wandered from their Center and entered the world of selfishness.

Nothing New

In a society of discontent, where we have every imaginable device and object to tantalize and fascinate us, we are more and more dissatisfied and ungrateful. This is a tactic of the evil one to lead us astray from our Center, and carry us to the dominion of unending displeasure and selfishness, where we never find true happiness.

There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). What happened in the beginning is happening now. We are in desperate need to have hearts full of thankfulness. An ungrateful heart is a very sad and unhappy existence.

Give Thanks

The grateful person is a contented person. There is nothing wrong in desiring something better; but what is shameful and sinful is the continuous wanting of more, when there is so much we have. This is what happened to Eve. Her dissatisfaction, discontent, and desire for something more, something else, led to her downfall, and the demise of our world (Genesis 3:6;  1 John 2:16).

Genuine gratitude brings an appreciation for what we have, and puts in perspective the truth of God's generosity and goodness.

Giving thanks is a remedy for the ailing self-centered life, and places us dead center in the Core of our existence, Jesus Christ, our Live-giver, Deliverer, Savior and Redeemer, the One who is absolute goodness.

Let us be grateful.

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His loving kindness and mercy forever endures."  Psalms 107:1.