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God's Word

The entrance of Your Word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalms 119:130.

The Bible is the Word of God providing us help and understanding. It is a light in the shadows and dimness of night. In a world that prefers the obscure, God gives us light to guide our way. His Word brings us safely to Him, and to our eternal home.

Moreover, God’s Word is full of wisdom and hope to shepherd us through this sinful world, darkened by the blight of sin. Additionally, the Word of God is full of encouragement and practical counsel for everyday living. Most of all, the Bible teaches us how to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

We Need the Bible

Jesus tells us, that we are not to live by food alone, but by every word of God (Luke 4:4)We need God’s Word for our journey. We are a lost planet wondering away from our Maker, and His intended course for our lives. Our compass is faulty, and it is leading us in the wrong direction.

Consequently, without the light of God’s Word we are easily misled, our ambitions are wayward, and our purpose is misunderstood. Our sinful natures distort our thinking, and we regard that which is deceptive. We need the Bible.

What Is Important

It is essential, and vitally important to understand what the Creator intends for us, to know what He expects of us, and what we should expect from Him.

Consider wise parents who judiciously teach their children the difference between right and wrong, who prudently show them what to avoid in life, and how they are best benefited. Tenderly and carefully educating them to understand parental expectations, as well as what they can expect of their parents.

And so it is with our heavenly Father, He has not left us to ourselves, to figure things out on our own. The Lord gives us wisdom and direction to understand our way in life. Moreover, through His Word He teaches us how we are best served in this disturbingly dark world.

His Word Our Light

The Creator shines forth His light and illuminates our lives through the Scriptures. The Bible tells us that we need the Word, that it is a lamp for our feet, and a light on our path (Psalms 119:105). We require the light of God’s Word to direct our steps, and to enlighten our way. It is our manual for life and living; and we cannot and should not do without it.

So, pick up your Bible and get started on your journey of light with Jesus and His Word. If you do not have a Bible, be sure to purchase one.

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We look forward to serving you through the Word of God.