Bible Study

Bible-study. Man studying the Bible.

Study the Bible encourages Bible study, daily learning in the Word of God.

The Lord provides spiritual food for us in His Word, and we need to partake every day. To live without food is to live a debilitating life, and die a slow and painful death. So it is with spiritual food; when we neglect the Word of God, we live a weakened life, we decline and decay into spiritual death, and in the end eternal loss.

God’s Word nourishes and strengthens us on our journey, enlightens our path, and keeps us close to Him who helps us, the Lord Jesus. We need God’s Word to feed and enliven us, to invigorate and empower us in living a wholesome and healthy life, thriving and flourishing overcomers, victorious in the daily battles.

In His Light

We strongly encourage a daily examination of God's Word, learning and growing every day.

To assist you in understanding the Word of God, offers an engaging and practical Bible study series called ʺIn His Lightʺ. Simply designed and intelligently written the lesson studies provide interesting, insightful, and easy learning. 

The initial lesson studies are essential and foundational for building and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus; and the advanced lessons focus on misunderstood, difficult, and prophetic Scripture.

We know you will enjoy these Bible studies, that you will be blessed and benefited by them, and that they will be an asset to your study of God’s Word.

Read and Study

We encourage you to read the Bible, to daily search the Scriptures. For insights and understanding get started on your journey of light with the ʺIn His Lightʺ lessons right away. And visit our Messages of Faith page often for encouraging and incisive messages from the Word of God.

To receive the In His Light Bible studies, visit our contact page. We look forward to serving you through God’s Word.