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Do you have questions about the Bible? Is there something you do not understand? Are you puzzled by a difficult Bible verse or passage of Scripture? Is there something you would like to know more about or understand better? Perhaps there is some confusion in your life, or some personal challenge, and you would like to know God's will? We can help.

There are no foolish questions when it comes to wanting to know and understand God and His Word. What may seem too simple can be of the utmost importance. What may seem trivial may be of great value.

His Treasury

The Bible is a treasure house of wisdom and counsel, of things to come and things now historical. It is a treasury of gems for encouragement, hope, and strength; and a wealth of inexhaustible knowledge.

The Scriptures are a vast storehouse of invaluable riches ever enlightening and inspiring us, teaching us how to improve and be our best in Jesus. God's Word shows us the way; it points us to a past from which we can learn, and leads us to a future that will completely fulfill us. The Word of God is a rich resource; it is a precious gift from God. We need to understand the Bible, and drink deeply of its well of living waters, where we find all we need for life and living.

Asking Questions

Asking questions is a good way to learn. It helps us push past obstacles that cause us to stumble in our learning and growing and understanding of what God has to say to us. When God speaks, we should listen. The Lord has spoken through His Word, and we should listen. And when we struggle, God brings people to help us on our way.

Don't Be Shy Send us Your Questions

Reach out. Ask your questions. We are happy to help you understand, and to advance your knowledge of God and His Word. Asking questions is an excellent way to learn and grow in the Word of God, and to understand how God wants to improve our life.

Don’t be shy, send your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

God bless you.